Grow: Plant Identifier

Embrace your green thumb with Grow!
Identify plants, spot diseases, and receive caring tips and reminders.

Grow: Plant Identifier

Plants Identification

Identify over 33,000 classes of plants, flowers, and leaf varieties. Snap a picture or enter the name to unveil the plant’s secrets.
Our identification tool is the garden guide you’ve always wanted, making it fun and educational to explore your surroundings.

Disease Diagnose

Don’t let plant sickness be an enigma.
Identify diseases early, understand their severity, and receive the right treatment plans.
Our AI-powered disease diagnosis is the doctor your plants need for a precise diagnose and a swift recovery.

Educational Articles

Expand your knowledge about the plant kingdom with our extensive library of informative articles. Discover fascinating facts about plant growth, learn about the health benefits of different flowers, and unravel the mysteries of plant disease diagnosis.

AI Botanist

Don’t guess, know exactly what your plant needs with our AI assistant.
Get detailed care instructions including the optimal amount of water, light, and fertilizer your plants require to thrive.
We provide all the essential information in one place for your convenience.

Discover a world of Nature beauty

Unleash your curiosity and step into a world teeming with over 33,000 plant classes.
Start exploring now and discover the extraordinary.

Heal your plants!

Our disease identification tool helps pinpoint plant ailments, offering effective solutions to nurture your plants back to health.

Ask Our AI Plant Expert!

Our AI botanist is your go-to guide for plant care, making it effortless to understand and tend to your plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our app is designed to recognize a vast range of plants. However, the accuracy can depend on the quality of the photo and the distinctiveness of the plant’s features.

Our disease diagnosis tool is quite accurate, but its effectiveness can depend on the quality of the image and the stage of the disease. Early or less obvious symptoms may be more challenging to identify.

Yes, our app can identify and provide care tips for both indoor and outdoor plants, making it a versatile tool for all plant enthusiasts.

We take your privacy seriously. While we do need access to your photo gallery for functionality, rest assured that we only process photos with your explicit consent. We are committed to safeguarding your information and we guarantee that it will NEVER be shared with anyone.